Tamara A. Parker


I am so blessed to have grown up with my sister Jen. She was my best friend and from early on, the reason I knew I was going to be a teacher. Jen had Down’s Syndrome and we never let that stop her; everything I did, I taught her, or at least we tried with all our might!

I attended Temple University in Philadelphia and became a special education teacher. I have worked with students with different backgrounds, disabilities, and within different age ranges as well as earning a Master’s Degree in School Counseling.

Half way into my teaching career I found my true passion within special education- Early intervention and ABA! I have taught in an early intervention classroom using principles of ABA for the past 10 years in the District of Columbia Public Schools and also became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, earning a post Master’s degree from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.

I am as passionate now about ensuring that everyone is successful and happy in life as I was when I began my career! I named my company Autastic Therapy because there is nothing more fantastic and beautiful than embracing who we are and building off of all our fabulous traits to make us our most successful, fabulous, Autastic selves!

Tamara A. Parker

Teaches: Speech, Reading, and Behavior Skills


Who is eligible for ABA Therapy?

Autastic Therapy is effective with ages 1-21 in the State of Maryland

You were born to shine

You were born to shine!

Let’s unleash all that sparkle!


ABA Therapy includes:


Individualized treatment plans


Preference assessments


Behavior plans


In home and clinic based therapy


Parent training


Social skills groups


Group therapy

Let’s Rock this Together!

At Autastic Therapy we use the Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to help improve behaviors and gain a variety of skills through intensive therapy.